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Vancouver towing

Your car breaking down doesn’t have to be the start of a bad day

We are a Affordable Vancouver Towing Company


Tow a vehicle to its destination with no damage; in case of engine problems, out of gas, flat tire, etc.


The safest way to tow a vehicle; secured and locked on a flatbed ramp.


Stuck in the middle of the road? Flat tire? Engine wont start? We are here for you when you need us.


Remove a car that is no longer in driving condition or has suffered extensive damage.


Car wont start? Stuck in the middle of the road?  got all type of batteries ready to go.


We are able to change and repair tires on all cars, call us for instant assistance.

Battery Replacement0%
Roadside Assistance0%
Tire Change0%

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Welcome to Vancouver Towing Inc, the most trusted full-service vehicle recovery company in the Vancouver area. When it comes to cars, we know that everyone has good days and bad days. We provide local and long distance services around the clock.Our vehicles are in perfect condition, and we never compromise on their regular maintenance. After all, it has to be a fully fit vehicle that has to be used for towing a car or any other vehicle/equipment.
Our Vancouver Towing Company is not just a family owned Customer Service business, it is a family of friends. When one hurts, we all hurt, and when one does well, we all do. That is why everyday our efforts are directed to bringing you the best customer service, period! This is one of the many reasons insurance companies, in addition to all major nationwide roadside clubs, trust Auto Towing Inc.

Our 20-year-old company has had the opportunity to expand and we have partnered with our best employees to bring you the same excellent services in the following cities:

  • Vancouver
  • Richmond
  • Burnaby

Our expansion continues and soon, in the very near future, we hope to be in a city near you.

Our company’s sole priority is to serve our customers and protect families on the road. With that in mind, it is our promise to never tow an illegally parked car or do repossession services.

Our towing services include a clean (smoke-free) tow truck, expert dispatchers, and a driver who is professionally trained, has passed a complete background check and wears a picture ID.

Our trucks are the best maintained in the industry – they have a wheels-off inspection every 30 days and are cleaned thoroughly everyday, right down to their shiny tires. We all are very proud of the people that make this possible.

Our state-of-the-art dispatch center is one of the best in the country. Our dispatchers have hands-on knowledge of each city they dispatch for, know the abilities of each driver and work with the same personnel every day. We can even send you a picture of your driver and you can follow him on your Android phone through our mapping program to your disablement. All our employees are covered by workers compensation insurance; so you do not have to be worried about being sued if one of our personnel is hurt at your business or personal property.

Our customers can order a tow, service, or mobile repair right here online, and if you are not sure of what you need, you can instantly online chat with one of our dispatchers, or call in to the dispatch office at 236-668-2047. You get all of this at a price that is lower than most in the industry.

So, please remember for the best customer service, the most professional driver, safety and the quickest time of arrival. Auto Towing Inc. is always “There When You Need Us“. We cannot express the appreciation that your loyalty brings us.

When you contact your insurance or roadside assistance company, make sure you request Vancouver Towing. for all of your towing service needs.

By Marc, CEO & Founder

Roadside Assistance


Vancouver Towing can also help you out in an emergency – even if you don’t need a tow. You can count on Us for affordable, top quality and affordable Roadside Assistance.

  • Flat Tire (we’ll change your tire)
  • Out Of Gas (we bring gasoline & diesel)
  • Lockout (we’ll open your locked car)
  • Dead battery (we’ll give you a jump)
  • Overheating (we’ll bring fresh coolant for a refill)

Top Dollar Paid For Junk Car Removal


Vancouver Towing will pay Top Dollar for that junk car or truck that’s cluttering up your yard or street. Plus, we will always remove that junk car for free – no extra charges like some towing companies do. Then we will give you cash on the spot for your junk car – no waiting, no hassle! Get your cash TODAY for that old wreck that’s cluttering up your home!


Abandoned Vehicle Removal

If you’re an apartment or business owner/manager we can LEGALLY remove illegally parked and abandoned vehicles from your property. We are licensed and insured and we have the training and experience to manage your parking lot. Vancouver Towing  also can safely and legally impound cars and trucks that have been removed from the property.And, we can patrol your property on a regular basis to make sure there are no illegally parked or abandoned vehicles.

Vancouver Towing is careful and respectful of your vehicle and your property. When you choose us, our drivers are kind and courteous and our only mission is to render help as quickly, as efficiently and as affordably as possible.


We have  flatbed tow trucks.

Unlike some other towing companies, Vancouver Towing  uses the flatbed tow truck. For safety and for no damage to your car, truck or SUV, our flatbed tow trucks are state-of-the-art in towing technology. Meaning we spare no effort or expense in caring for you and your vehicle in time of need.

Give us a call at 236-668-2047 or contact us HERE and let us show you why Vancouver Towing is working hard to earn your business!

Affordable Towing


We know your budget is stretched thin. And when you call a tow truck it’s usually because your car has broken down or has been in an accident. We don’t want to add to your problems with an expensive tow!

That’s why we have spent years refining the professional services we offer. Our drivers are fast, efficient and friendly and will minimize any down time picking up your car, truck or SUV. If you’ve gone off the road or parked in an inaccessible parking spot, we can usually get your car out quickly – without costing you a lot of money!


Chances are we can tow your car or truck for a lot less than other towing companies.


Give us a call at 236-668-2047 and we’ll prove to you that we can easily fit into your budget!


Our Great Reputation

Our great reputation comes from our wonderful customers whom we care for on a daily basis. We work from sunup to sunset taking care of our customers, minute by minute.

And the reviews we get are just mind-boggling – take a look!

We’re a local, family-owned Vancouver towing company and have been in business serving our city for years. Would you really trust your expensive car, truck or SUV to just any towing company?